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Future Shops / Clinics

The technology development is a game changer for traditional and modern ways to offer products and services. While e-commerce paradigm is growing and consolidating, the traditional purchase of consumer and health goods is also changing. We believe that the progress of virtual tools cannot be stopped and should not be slowed down, however, we also support the idea that in our cities, physical shops and clinics should not offer the same categories of products or services to consumers who can easily purchase online. The e-commerce platforms have important advantages which do not only rely on prices but also on easy and more comfortable benchmarks, on more convenient and clearer policies of services/products replacement or reimbursement as well as real freedom to shop in any moment of the day or week. However, the retailer environment has also its own unique advantages and this should be still exploited with the advent of digital manufacturing technologies.

We believe that users should be part of the design and manufacturing process in a new engagement that makes the consumers more conscious. This may provides the retailers with a more exclusive way to trade: specifically via a new paradigm of products design, manufacturing of goods and individual services that are tailored around the identity of the consumers.

The current weakness of the retailers should become the best strengths of a business that cannot miss from our Modern cities. Diversified cultures now better connected, wide identities and structured creativity, if properly shared and organised, can be locally addressed and globally exploited for a success which run from smart well-being to new economic routes.



Thinking Additive
Innovative Companies

Companies are facing an important change in the way to conceptualize, create, produce and distribute their products. New technologies are potentially disruptive and often ready to be used although a possible choice might recall important investments that have been already faced by companies on more traditional but robust plants.

We are believers in the idea that conventional and traditional processes of designing and manufacturing products should coexist with new digital manufacturing technologies like additive processes (3d printing).

While many initiatives are supporting the improvement of the technologies in a range from material choice to products quality, we strictly believe that higher attention and efforts should be spent on a more natural and adequate implementation of these technologies and their exploitations in terms of new ways to think and consequently design. Making products as mould/tools-free outcomes brings an enormous advantage in terms of new ways to create products that if adequately designed can be quickly linked to individual data, nowadays easy to gain and use, for reducing issues that may raise from inefficient supply chains to the generation of more comfortable products. Our mission is to further support companies keen to implement additive manufacturing or other manufacturing technologies in a new combination of data collection, co-design with users and local manufacturing. Companies can benefit from new ways to create products to novel paradigms of manufacturing, for which consumer goods become smarter, tuned on consumers’ needs and more pleasant to use.



Thinking Additive
Smart Industry

New initiatives like smart industry or industry 4.0 are changing the way how to produce products. The proper integration of technologies like digital manufacturing and conventional production processes is fundamental for making these new initiatives successful in specific contexts of use. The correct implementation of complementary technologies is a game changer for a full exploitation of the promising techniques and approaches like autonomous robots, IoT, the cloud, big data and analytics, augmented reality, simulation, remanufacturing and additive manufacturing technologies.

We think that the idea of a holistic approach for technology development is needed in a sector like Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing as well as multi-materials for smart products.

Our competencies, as part of scientific and industrial consortia, space from materials to mechatronics going through specialised software development making possible the end-to-end process which starts from specific needs properly read by sensors up to adequate, optimised as well as more reliable machine instructions ready-to-use. We believe that dedicated, applications driven manufacturing systems, are necessary if we want to promote disruptive technologies like 3d printing that have now to result as competitive in terms of production time and operative costs. A final goal for a more efficient and smart production is the plug-and-produce paradigm, this can happen when technologies are tuned and/or developed with seamless integration in communication, in manufacturing and materials compatibility as well as considering their intrinsic complementarity.


Bespoke Digital Platform

Our primary focus is the development of proprietary tools: from a plug-and-produce Industrial Platform to an easy-to-use Retail Platform.

The new manufacturing paradigms need to be supported by appropriate digital solutions for exploiting their potential. Our strategy is based on applying new design processes and developing digital tools that can fill these needs, mixing different disciplines such as computer science, manufacturing knowledge and computational design applications.

Extensive experience accumulated by Thinking Additive individuals, through Industrial collaborations and Research projects such as AddFactor and Movaid on Agile Manufacturing, has brought the team to a proper selection and development competencies of cloud platforms meant as bespoke solutions for personalised products, accessible through online digital tools.

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